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"Keeping Connected" Workbooks

The "Keeping Connected" Workbooks are designed to be used by a young woman together with a parent or adult. The text and exercises are aimed toward developing skils for "resiliency" as critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The "Taking Care of Yourself" Workbook Series are for a young woman to do on her own, but they also strongly encourage connection:

The workbooks deal with the important issues each specific age group wrestles with at this point in their journey to adulthood. The text teaches pertinent health information based on the latest research and expert opinions we have been able to gather. The exercises promote healthy connection/relationships rather than separation.

# 02-001 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for Parents and Early Teens - The topics of puberty, menstruation, body image, and making healthy choices are addressed.

Qty: #02-001- Price $19.95
# 02-002 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for Parents and High School Age Teens - Topics dealing with the health issues around sexuality, nutrition, safe relationships, and making healthy choices are addressed.
Qty: #02-002- Price $19.95
# 02-003 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for Parents and College Age Women - Topics about developing skills when away from home that deal with health issues, safety, time management, and keeping connected to supportive relationships are addressed.
Qty: #02-003- Price $19.95
# 02-004 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for Early Teens - Skin care, relationships with friends and parents, menstruation, nutrition, and body image are topics addressed in this workbook.
< Qty: #02-004- Price $19.95
# 02-005 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for High School Teens - "What you don't want to catch in High School (STD's)", nutrition, and how to develop healthy relationships are topics discussed in this workbook for High School girls.

Qty: #02-005- Price $19.95
# 02-006 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for College Age Women - As young women begin to spend time away from home, developing important health habits, time management, nutrition, homesickness, and keeping connected to healthy relationships are issues that come up and need to be addressed.
Qty: #02-006- Price $19.95

# 02-007 - Parent Workbook - (Understanding the Unique Health Needs of Young Women) - Research on young women and their unique health problems is discussed. Key elements in this workbook discuss how parents can interact, and what are some interventions that will enhance health and open up lines of communication.
Qty: #02-007- Price $19.95
# 02-008 - Stopping Smoking (Is Different for Young Women) Workbook - Research shows that young women smoke for different reasons than other groups. This workbook includes a systematic method of approaching this difficult task. It includes education and a review of the physical and habitual aspects of smoking. This is a proven program that has been adapted to the unique health needs of young women.
Qty: #02-008- Price $29.00
#02-009 –College Handbook for Parents – The College Experience Workbook
A practical, supportive and empowering guide for parents of young women preparing for college and going through the first year experience. My experience in working with adolescent girls of this age indicates that it is a crucial time for the family and with all the college preparation, this is the part no one has talked about until now.
The handbook:
1.) identifies problems that affect heath and success
2.) presents contemporary research associated with these issues,
3.) offers preventative and protective factors
4.) offers tips for the parent to share with their daughter, and
5.) lists resources for dealing with the more serious problems if they arise. Consistent with our overall philosophy, there is a strong emphasis on how “keeping connected’ can be important at this time.
Qty: # 02-009 - Price $19.95   

Keeping connected in order to grow

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