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07 - WORKSHOPS (8)

Virginia Bresnahan Graves, RNcMS

The purpose of a workshop is to enhance the health of young women by education, discussion and group exercises. Healthy connections are part of what makes girls healthy, and some workshops include parents (or interested adults). Because research shows the impotance of ongoing discussions, communicating about health issues between adults and young women continuing beyond the workshop is an important secondary goal.

Interactive Workshops are run for:

  • Daughters and parent(s)/ or another significant adult, for example a "Big Sister".
  • Groups of young women

    # 07-001 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and Early Teens - Workshops are designed for approximately 5-14 families. Each participant receives a workbook and their choice of a "Keep Connected Kit". Two 2 hour sessions (an evening or half-day) will include a lecture, exercises and discussions.
    # 07-001

    # 07-002 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and High School Teens - similar, with topics geared to high school age
    # 07-002

    # 07-003 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and College Women - similar to #07-001 above similar, with topics geared to college age issues
    # 07-003

    # 07-004 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for Early Teens - The content of this workshop is similar to the one with parents, but the group is made up of peers.
    # 07-004

    # 07-005 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for High School Teens - same as #07-004 above with topics geared more to high school issues
    # 07-005

    # 07-006 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for College Women - same as #07-004 above with topics addressing transition years of college and health issues of this time.
    # 07-006

    # 07-007 - Parent Workshop - This workshop is designed tomeet the needs of the group ordering this workshop. Common topics are addressed at all parent workshops, but content stressed various by the groups needs.
    # 07-007

    # 07-008 - Stopping Smoking (is different for young women) Workshop

    Research shows that young women start and continue smoking for different reasons than men. DoubleSunrise offers a stop-smoking program for young women with a particular approach to quitting that is designed especially for them. The workshop includes education, discussions and well established exercises designed to help the participant through this difficult process. Exercises and support between sessions are included as an integral piece of the success of this program. The founder of DoubleSunrise, Virginia Graves RNcMS has previously owned and facilitated a stop smoking clinic, and has worked with hundreds of people to quit smoking.
    # 07-008

    For prices and more information contact DoubleSunrise, Inc:
    PO Box 226, Beverly, MA 01915

    Written 11/00 Revised 12/13/01

  • Keeping connected in order to grow

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