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What participants say

Post presentation evaluations ask:
What did you like best?
Suggestions for next time?
What was new for you?

Read what participants say after hearing Virginia Graves, R.N.c.M.S.

Parents of girls
"Virginia brings remarkable depth of knowledge and professional experience to her presentation. As a mother, public health nurse and clergy spouse, I found her to be a wonderful resource." Lynne Schweppe (Mother, nurse and pastor's wife), IL

"As a PhD candidate, I appreciated the way that you integrated reliable statistics. On a personal note, upon completion of your presentation, I think that I actually had a paradigm shift. And to be honest, during the remaining time that my daughter and I spent at the summit, I felt a positive difference in our relationship, not that we have any serious problems. When I left your presentation, I felt that it confirmed for me that the connection between mother and daughter is so essential especially at this phase in both of our lives. I am grateful for your ideas." Kimberlie J. Warren (Mother and PhD candidate), IN

"I was impressed with your ability to capture the listener's attention from the very first word. Each health care issue was presented with lightning clarity and in an engaging style. I truly enjoyed the way you offered exciting, innovative and fresh solutions to the pressing health care issues our daughters are facing today." Michele Graci (Mother and Health Educator), VT

Parents and girls together (By mothers after Mother-Daughter Workshop)
"Listening and talking with my daughter during the exercises gave us a good opening to the dialog"

"I loved being able to hear my daughter's thoughts. Exercises really brought out some interesting and valuable points."

Liked: "Learning how to journal, the time for reflection, and sharing how we felt."

Groups of young women: early teen to college years
"She was very informative, was very down-to-earth and knew what she was talking about."

"She was inspirational and intelligent and I respected her for coming and talking to us."

" I wish I had someone like you when I was going through my roughest moments."

"Very interesting, she involved us in the discussion and I understood what she was trying to teach us."

"PowerPoint presentation and her personal stories were excellent."

"She was able to bring the concerns to a personal level without scaring us."

"I liked that she was honest and open. She gave good examples. Was factual and funny"

"I would love to hear her speak again. Very informative."

What did you learn that was new?
"I learned the qualities I would like to have as a woman."
"I learned that fear is an important signal, not a cowardly act"

Health care professionals
"Of all the programs I attended, I was most affected by yours. Thanks for the inspiration, sharing the concept of the 'little people' in our lives, the words about healing through connectedness. Thanks for the simplicity of your message!"

"PowerPoint presentation was superb."
"Excellent! Great presentation."
"Certainly a need."
"Well prepared speaker and interesting topic."
"We need more of this."
"A very engaging speaker. Captivating visuals, but more importantly, gave rich content."
"Although a professional presentation, your presentation meant so much to me as a mother. I was so reassured to hear that what deep down I knew to be true about my daughter and me."

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Written 11/24/02

Keeping connected in order to grow

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