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Presentation Topics:

"Young Women's Health at Risk: What Parents Can Do"
This was presented at the 2002 National Young Women's Health Summit sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health in Washington, DC, 8/02 as a "Working Breakfast for Parents". Informative and empowering discussion for parents of girls.

Also: "Helping Your Children Eat in a Healthy Way".

"Unique Health Needs of Young Women"
Research shows that "connection" is the basis for young women's growth and health. This has many implications for professionals who work with adolescent girls and for caring adults.

Presented as the Keynote address at Emmanuel College Nursing Community Reception and the YWCA Annual Meeting Keynote Address, Malden, MA.

"The Missing Piece to the College Preparation."
Students and their parents spend years planning for college. Although health issues can actually interfere with college success, discussion of prevention is often a missing piece to the college preparation. This presentation focuses on common sense prevention that many girls and parents have not thought of at all, and is a must for any girls heading to college.

"Unique Health Needs of College Age Women",
College presents particular health threats to young women, and research gives us clues how to help prevent these so that college goals will be met.

Presented at NPACE National Conference for Nurse Practitioners and MIT's Medical Department's Annual Nursing Conference. Presented to college students at: York College, York, PA; UMass, Boston Campus; North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA.

"Taking Care of Yourself (and encouraging others to do the same)"
An interactive workshop/presentation to provide education and empowerment for high school girls. Includes health risks, the nature of these problems, as well as what girls can do: Deconstruct media messages, find reliable health care informationa and "keep connected" in healthy relationships. Reviews characteristics of healthy relationships and "early signs" of disrespectful ones.
Also, "Healthy Eating: Taking Care of Yourself"

Presented at Landmark School, GirlsInc, Lynn, Masconomet School Middle School and Taunton High School all in MA.

"A Multicultural Approach to Young Women's Health"
Clips from movies demonstrate how various cultures view "the family" and adolescent girls in particular.

Creative Nursing Interventions for a High Risk Group
Using DoubleSunrise as an example, this is a program for nurses. We assess social groups that are high risk for health problems, and discuss how as nurses we can address these problems, thinking "out-of-the-box" yet within the framework of nursing practice.

"Keeping Connected" Mothers and Daughters Together

  • Workshop (2 Session)
    Parents are in the best position to talk with their daughter about issues that can affect her health, but I find that they often lack the words or confidence to do so. This workshop is empowering in nature, and has been recieved extremely well by past participants. It includes health education, discussion and exercises that the parent and daughter do together.
  • Evening presentation For daughters and mothers (and other adults who care).

    Comprehensive School Program For middle school, high school and college.

    Making a sincere impact in understanding the unique health needs of young women, many schools have brought presentations, discussions and consultations to:

  • Groups of students
  • Parents
  • Faculty, coaches and mentored teachers
  • Health care providers in the school system

    Presented at York College, York PA. Included:

  • R.A. and Peer Leader Training Seminar
  • Student Interactive Workshop
  • Women's Studies Lecture
    York College has demonstrated their committment to the well being of their students by arranging this comrehensive program addressing the health needs of college women today.

    Beverly High School's Comprehensive program includes:

  • Women to Women: An evening for daughters and mothers (other adults who care).
  • Co-ed classes: "Protecting Sexual Health".
  • Freshmen girls (in small groups) "What you don't want to catch in High School".
  • The Missing Piece to the College Preparation." for parents.
  • Consultantation to crisis management team.

    New Topics in 2003
    The American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC), Atlanta, GA, May 2003. Application in the Workplace. for the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN).

    National School-Based Health Care Convention, Reston, VA. Contemporary Interventions for the School-Based Practitioner, June 27.

    For more information contact DoubleSunrise, Inc:
    PO Box 226, Beverly, MA 01915

    Written 11/00. Revised 1/24/03

  • Keeping connected in order to grow

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