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The Unique Health Needs of Young Women:
A Handbook for...
#11-001- Nurse Practitioners
#11-002- Nurses
#11-003- Professionals and Mentors
Health problems of young women are quite serious with long-term consequence. Having complex etiologies, health care providers have not previously had clear guidelines for prevention and treatment. This handbook presents some clues based on contemporary research on what young women need for health and safe passage into adulthood. Unlike other publications, this guide gives many step-by-step interventions and application to your work with young women today. A must for professionals working with young women: early teen to college years.

Qty: # 11-001 - Price $16.00  

Young women today are at high risk for interference to their highest level of health. The creative programs and products that we have developed and offer you here are tools to enhance young women's health by preventing health problems, supporting healthy choices, and helping to restore health from past injury.

A major theme of DoubleSunrise is to encourage adolescents to develop healthy connections and a strong support system. Most parents want to talk to their daughters about issues that affect their health, but often lack the confidence and words to do it.

DoubleSunrise offers programs and products that give parents and young women materials that are presented in a way that fosters..... finding the right time, place and atmosphere to discuss important health information to guide safe passage into adulthood.

"Facilitator Workshop Kits" are developed as a tool for professionals in an associated health fields to successfully run a workshop for young women and/or their parents. The facilitator kit includes workbooks for participants, a sample "Keeping Connected Shaving Kit" to use in a guided exercise and a detailed facilitator guide.

"Facilitator Workshop Kits" are available for all eight of our workshop formats that reach teens alone, teens with parent participation, and parents only. Each kit is developed for a group of five families or participants, with extra materials available at a discounted cost for larger groups. With the exception of the "Stopping Smoking Workshop", the workshops are designed for (2) two hour sessions. A phone consultation with Virginia Graves, RNcMS is also included. All kits are $80/each. Please specify the group you will be leading when ordering.

Facilitator Kits for Workshops include:

Qty: # 03-101 - Parents and Early Teens - $80.00
Qty: # 03-102 - Parents and High School Age Teens - $80.00
Qty: # 03-103 - Parents and College Age Women - $80.00
Qty: # 03-104 - Early Teenage Girls - $80.00
Qty: # 03-105 - High School Age Teens - $80.00
Qty: # 03-106 - College Age Women - $80.00
Qty: # 03-107 - Parents - $80.00
Qty: # 03-108 - Stop Smoking - $80.00

*The "Stopping Smoking Workshop" for 15 participants is recommended for eight 2 hour sessions. (call for more details)

Keeping connected in order to grow

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