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"Gift From the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh -This book is one of the cornerstones of our DoubleSunrise, Inc. philosophy. Anne Morrow Lindbergh has been very special for women from all walks of life all over the world.
Gift From the Sea
Qty: # 05-001 (hardcover) - Price $12.50
Qty: # 05-002 (paperback) - Price $ 8.00
Qty: # 05-003 (cassette) - Price $16.00
Protecting the Gift # 05-022 "Protecting the Gift" (Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe and Parents Sane) by Gavin De Becker -
This is must reading for parents and adults who care for children. The well being and safety of children and teenagers depend on decisions that we make each day about: whom to trust, whom to distrust, what to believe, what to doubt, what to fear, and what not to worry about. De Beck is the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior (paperback)
Qty: # 05-022 - Price $9.50
Body Talk # 05-004 - "Body Talk: For Girls Growing Up" by Margaret Stubbs - This book is based on research at the Wellesley College Center for Research for Women. It addresses puberty, menstruation, and in gaining skills needed to get reliable health information. There is an excellent section to teach ways to reach out to adultsfor important questions.

($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book below)
Qty: # 05-004 - Price $4.50
  # 05-005 - "Body Talk: For Parents of Girls" by Margaret Stubbs - This work, based on research from Wellesley College Center for Research for Women, outlines what girls have to say about their need for parental support and getting information about menstruation. It includes approaches that all family members can take toward making this process easier for girls.
($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book above)
Qty: # 05-005 - Price $4.50
Qty: # 05-005 and 05-004- Price $8.00
  # 05-006 - "Body Talk: For Boys Growing Up" by Margaret Stubbs - This book is based on current research at Wellesley College Center for Research for Women. It presents information from a boy's perspective, about puberty, menstruation, and how to talk with parents
($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book below)
Qty: # 05-006 - Price $4.50
  # 05-007 - "Body Talk: For Parents of Boys" by Margaret Stubbs - This book, based on studies done at Wellesley College Center for Research for Women assists parents with talking to boys about puberty, menstruation, while providing helpful ideas on how to communicate about these awkward topics.
($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book above)
Qty: # 05-007 - Price $4.50
Qty: # 05-006 and 05-007- Price $8.00
Deadly Persuasion # 05-008 - "Deadly Persuasion" by Jean Kilbourne - A highly acclaimed book about the influence and detrimental affects that advertising has on women and girls today. It is a daring and fascinating look at the subtle and not so subtle ways this takes place in their lives each day.
Qty: # 05-008 - Price $21.00
Letting Go # 05-009 - "Letting Go, A Parents Guide to Today's College Experience" by Karen Levin Coburn and Lawrence Treeger - This is an enlightening and practical look at the problems encountered by girls going off to college. It can be an extremely difficult time for parent and daughter.
Qty: # 05-009 - Price $12.00
Our Bodies Ourselves # 05-010 - "Our Bodies, Ourselves" by The Boston Women's Health Book Collective - This work is a classic for women's (and girls) health. It provides detailed information, resources, and personal support for decisions that affect health.
Qty: # 05-010 - Price $20.0
Where Is Mom Now That I Need Her? # 05-011 - "Where Is Mom Now That I Need Her : Surviving Away from Home" by Kathryn J. Frandsen, Kent P. Fransden, Betty Rae Fransden - College students and especially those entering their freshman year rave about how this book has helped in this difficult transitional period. It also offers a wide range of advice from nutrition to cleaning. It is also valuable for any adolescent moving away from home. We like it because of its advocacy for keeping connected.
Qty: # 05-011 - Price $12.00
Where Is Dad Now That I Need Him? # 05-012 - "Where Is Dad Now That I Need Him : Surviving Away from Home" by Kathryn J. Frandsen, Kent P. Fransden, Betty Rae Fransden - A companion book for young adults either going on to school or getting started on their own. It offers a wide range of advice that dads have shared throughout the years.
Qty: # 05-012 - Price $12.00
Lifesigns # 05-013 - "Lifesigns" by Henry Nouwen - Intimacy, fecundity, and ecstasy are discussed by this giant of inspirational thought. These three elements offer the key to a life free from the domination of fear.
Qty: # 05-013 - Price $6.95
Changing Bodies, Changing Lives # 05-014 - "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives: A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships" by Ruth Bell - Detailed information about health and sexuality. The goal of this book is to help teens make healthy choices. Chapters such as "Changing Bodies" and "Sexuality" are detailed and informative.
Qty: # 05-014 - Price $18.40
The Healing Connection # 05-015 - "The Healing Connection" by Jean Baker Miller, M.D. and Irene Pierce Stiver, Ph.D. - A book that offers a new and refreshing look at how women form relationships that enhance growth. It is a classic piece of work that has inspired Virginia Bresnahan Graves, RNcMS in her work with young women.
Qty: # 05-015 - Price $14.00
The Moon Is Always Female # 05-016 - "The Moon Is Always Female" by Marge Piercy - This ia a 133 page treasure of poetry, a collection that invokes both pride and celebration for women of all ages. Included is "For Strong Women", a poem that has inspired a popular exercise that we do in our workshops "What is a Strong Woman?"
Qty: # 05-016 - Price $15.00
Phenomenal Women # 05-017 - "Phenomenal Women" by Maya Angelou - These four poems, in just 32 pages of treasure, celebrate women as only Maya Angelou can. The paintings of Paul Gauguin beautifully complement Angelou's words that remind women of the glory and tender mercies of their gender.
Qty: # 05-017 - Price $18.00
The Complete Collected Poems # 05-018 - "The Complete Collected Poems" by Maya Angelou - This collection of all Maya Angelou's poems including her inaugural "On the Pulse of Morning" is a must for anyone interested in the women's movement or the genius of poetry. A handsome 273 page hard cover edition.
Qty: # 05-018 - Price $19.50
Relaxation and Stress Reduction # 05-019 - "Relaxation and Stress Reduction" (an audio cassette) by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. - These relaxation meditations help women to concentrate on relaxing the areas where they carry tension in the body. It is well suited for daily use. Joan Borysenko is a respected professional pioneer in mind/body medicine and women's health.
Qty: # 05-019 (hardcover) - Price $11.00
Your Present # 05-020 or # 05-021 - "Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace" by Susie Mantell - This warm narration carries listeners into soft relaxation.
Qty: # 05-020 (CD) - Price $14.95
Qty: # 05-021 (cassette) - Price $12.95
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