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Parents, Give Us Your Opinion:
"Give Us Your Opinion" is here so you can share experiences regarding a specific situation. We will post as many answers as we can in "Read What Other Parents Say". Only your comments will be posted, not your name.

What do you see in ads that give the wrong message to girls...about girls?

Jean Kilbourne's book, Deadly Persuation is a must for parents and adults interested in this topic.

Read What Other Parents Say
Parents who answered our survey don't like the ads and the negative influence it has on their daughters, don't have a large amount of families that share their values, and are struggling with their daughters about limits and respect the most. Keep communicating, as it helps other parents know that they are not alone.

Take Our Survey

My daughter(s) age is:
Newborn to 11 years old
12 to 16 years old
17 to 20 years old
over 20 years
I have no daughter

Which of the following subjects can you talk to your daughter about with ease?(Check all that apply)
Her friends
Her academics
Dangers of alcohol use.
Dangers of drugs.
Dangers of early sexual activity.
Weight and eating habits.
Dangers of alcohol use.

What causes you to feel uncomfortable about talking about the above subjects? (Check all that apply)
I feel embarrassed
She says, "Oh mom...(or "Oh dad...")"
I don't know enough to talk about some of those subjects
I don't know the words to even start
I very uncomfortable to address some of those subjects
She gets that information at her school.

What are the most common struggles that you have with your daughter? Homework
Limits we set on her
Respectful communication
Music she listens to
Household rules
Clothes she wants to wear

Keeping connected in order to grow

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