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Programs and Products

It is not our intent to sell the products offered in our "Keeping Connected" Kits. We have taken great care to offer products that are well tested and reliable. We have talked with the manufacturers and are confident that they are aware of the health issues we want adolescents to address.

The real purpose of the kits is:

  1. to make both the adolescent and parent aware of reliable products
  2. to instruct them about the safety issues involved
  3. to develop critical thinking skills and decision making processes, and
  4. to promote more effective ways for communication to take place.

# 01-001 - Safety Kit - Safety is an issue for girls of all ages. The problems may vary with the stages of growth through adolescence, but the need for awareness on the part of the girl and her parent(s) is crucial to her health and well-being. Products included with this kit are a warning alarm, a whistle, and a flashlight key chain. A "Tip Card" is provided for instruction and guidance for both the adolescent and her parent(s). These articles are packages in a canvas drawstring Double Sunrise bag.
# 01-001 ........ Price $22.50

# 01-002 - Shaving Kit - While shaving seems to be a very basic and simple task for girls, there are some serious health consequences that many girls and adults may not be aware of and are addressed with this kit. Products included are a razor, blades, shaving cream, and an after shave lotion. A "Tip Card" is included for instruction and guidance for both the adolescent and her parent(s). These materials are packaged in a canvas drawstring Double Sunrise bag.
# 01-002 ........ Price $22.50

# 01-003 - Menstruation Kit - Private access to menstrual products is an issue girls have repeatedly identified in multiple studies. Our kit bag provides this security and accommodates girls when outside their home. Products included are a variety of pads, disposable underpants, and wet wipes. A "Tip Card" for instruction and guidance for both the girl and parent is provided. Girls consider Mom as the most important source of information about menstruation. The articles are packaged in a canvas drawstring Double Sunrise bag with a secure clasp.
# 01-003 ........ Price $22.50

# 01-004 - Skin Care Kit - The skin is our body's first line of defense. Learning basic skin care is a skill that every girl will benefit from as they deal with issues around acne and the need for protection. Products include a skin toner, skin cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm. A "Tip Card" providing guidance and instruction for both the adolescent and parent(s) is included. These products are packaged in a canvas drawstring Double Sunrise bag.
# 01-004 ........ Price $22.50

# 01-005 - Relaxation Kit - Relaxation and the release of tension is an issue for adolescents. The pressures often increase as girls grow older. Here are some healthy and safe ways that can promote life-long habits for relaxation. Products included are a relaxation cassette tape, chamomile tea, a candle, lotion and bath salts. "Tip Cards" are enclosed for guidance for the adolescent and her parent(s). Packaged in a canvas drawstring Double Sunrise bag.
# 01-005 ........ Price $22.50

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Our workbooks are designed to be used either individually or together with a parent or adult. It is important to point out that in either case, they still strongly encourage connection. The text and exercises are aimed toward developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The workbooks deal with the important issues each specific age group wrestles with at this point in their journey to adulthood. The text teaches both parent and child based on the latest expert opinions we can gather. The exercises promote connection rather than separation.

# 02-001 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for Parents and Early Teens - Topics such as puberty, menstruation, body image, and making healthy choices are addressed.
# 02-001 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-002 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for Parents and High School Age Teens - Topics dealing with the health issues around sexuality, nutrition, safe relationships, and making healthy choices are addressed.
# 02-002 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-003 - "Keeping Connected" Workbook for parents and College Age Women - Topics about developing skills to deal with health habits while away from home, time management, and keeping connected to supportive relationships will be addressed.
# 02-003 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-004 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for Early Teens - Skin care, relationships with friends and parents, menstruation, nutrition, and body image will be explored to enhance the adolescent's health.
# 02-004 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-005 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for High School Teens - "What you don't want to catch in High School (STD's)", nutrition, and how to develop close relationships are topics discussed in this workbook as a way to enhance health and well being.
# 02-005 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-006 - Taking Care of Yourself (and Encouraging Others To Do the Same) Workbook for College Age Women - Developing important health habits, time management, nutrition, homesickness, and keeping connected to healthy relationships at this important time will be addressed in a way designed to help these young women.
# 02-006 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-007 - Parent Workbook - Understanding the Unique Health Needs of Young Women - Research on young women, unique health problems, how parents can interact, and what are some interventions that will aid and enhance health and open up lines of communication are key elements of this workbook for parents.
# 02-007 ........ Price $16.00

# 02-008 - Stopping Smoking (Is Different for Young Women) Workbook - Research shows that young women smoke for different reasons than other groups. This workbook includes a systematic method of approaching this difficult task. It includes education and a review of the physical and habitual aspects of smoking. This is a proven program that has been adapted to the unique health needs of young women.
# 02-008 ........ Price $29.00

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Kit Picture Providing "Facilitator Workshop Kits" with instruction and guidelines for facilitators is a way to dramatically promote our programs and services to a greater number of adolescents and parents. There are many professionals in associated fields who have the skills to offer these workshops. A complete package of materials and suggested procedures and guidelines for the facilitator is provided. Audio, visual, and/or "power point" presentations may also be available for the facilitator.

Facilitator Workshop Kits - These kits are available for all eight of our workshop formats that reach teens alone, teens with parent participation, and parents only. Each kit includes 15 workbooks for participants, our 5 "Keep Connected Kits" for demonstration, and detailed "Guidelines and Procedures for Facilitator". With the exception of the "Stopping Smoking", the workshops are designed for two 2 ˝ hour sessions or a full day event when appropriate. A phone consultation with Mrs. Graves is also included if desired. Please specify the group you will be leading when ordering.

# 03-101 - Parents and Early Teens
Price ........ $300.00 (a value of $ 52.50 less than listed prices)

# 03-102 - Parents and High School Age Teens
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-103 - Parents and College Age Women
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-104 - Early Teenage Girls only
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-105 - High School Age Teens only
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-106 - College Age Women only
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-107 - Parents only
Price ........ $300.00

# 03-108 - Stop Smoking
Price ........ $400.00
The "Stopping Smoking Workshop" for 15 participants is recommended for eight 2 ˝ hour sessions. (call for more details)

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Journaling is a skill that can help young women grow. Writing is a wonderful way to take care of yourself as well as grow. There are many ways to journal. You can have different journals for different purposes, or vary one journal for what you need at the time. All journals are a way to keep connected and develop a relationship…a very important relationship…with yourself.

# 04-001 - Double Sunrise Journal - A lovely book to use as you personal journal that includes "Tips for Journaling" for both adolescents and parents. This hard bound 10" X 8" journals will make a fine adjunct for workshops offered by Double Sunrise.
# 04-001 ........ Price $22.50

# 04-002 - Double Sunrise Notes - This 6" X 9" soft cover journal contains "Tips for Journaling" to assist parents or adolescents to keep connected with their own growth and experiences.
# 04-002 ........ Price $14.50

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Any of the books, cassette tapes or videos we recommend for your purchase are well documented and compatible to the general philosophy of Double Sunrise, Inc. and the DoubleSunrise web site. They have become part of our work and will only be offered if we determine that they will enhance health and promote connections for adolescents.

Gift From the Sea # 05-001, # 05-002, or # 05-003 - "Gift from the Sea," by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - This book is the cornerstone of our company's philosophy (link). Anne Morrow Lindbergh has a special place in the hearts of women from all walks of life and throughout the world.
# 05-001 (hardcover) ........ Price $16.00
# 05-002 (paperback) ........ Price $ 8.00
# 05-003 (cassette) ........ Price $16.20

Body Talk # 05-004 - "Body Talk: For Girls Growing Up," by Margaret Stubbs - This book is based on research at the Wellesley College Center for Research for Women. It addresses puberty and menstruation and covers, in detail, the skills girls need to get health information and how to reach out to ask adults important questions.
# 05-004 ........ Price $4.50 ($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book below)

# 05-005 - "Body Talk: For Parents of Girls," by Margaret Stubbs - This work outlines what girls say regarding their need for parental support and information about menstruation. It includes approaches for all family members to take toward making menstruation easier for girls.
# 05-005 ........ Price $ 4.50 ( $ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book above)

# 05-006 - "Body Talk: For Boys Growing Up," by Margaret Stubbs - This book is based on current research at Wellesley College Center for Research for Women. It offers discussion, from a boy's perspective, about puberty, menstruation, and how to talk with parents.
# 05-006 ........ Price $ 4.50 ($ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book below)

# 05-007 - "Body Talk: For Parents of Boys," by Margaret Stubbs - This book assists parents in talking with boys about puberty, menstruation, and provides helpful ideas on how to communicate about these awkward topics.
# 05-007 ........ Price $ 4.50 ( $ 8.00 when purchased as set of two with book above)

Deadly Persuasion # 05-008 - "Deadly Persuasion," by Jean Kilbourne - A highly acclaimed book about the influence and detrimental affects that advertising has on the women and girls today. It is a daring and fascinating look at the subtle and not so subtle ways this takes place every day.
# 05-008 ........ Price $21.00

Letting Go # 05-009 - "Letting Go, A Parents Guide to Today's College Experience," by Karen Levin Coburn and Lawrence Treeger - This is an enlightening and practical look at the problems encountered by girls going off to college. It can be an extremely difficult time for parent and child.
# 05-009 ........ Price $12.00

Our Bodies Ourselves # 05-010 - "Our Bodies Our Selves," by The Boston Women's Health Book Collective - This work has been called the bible for women's health. It provides new information, resources, and personal support for decisions that affect their health and lives.
# 05-010 (paperback) ........ Price $20.00

Where Is Mom Now That I Need Her? # 05-011 - "Where Is Mom Now That I Need Her : Surviving Away from Home," by Kathryn J. Frandsen, Kent P. Fransden, Betty Rae Fransden - College students and especially those entering their freshman year rave about how this book has helped in this difficult transitional period. Of course, we like the medical tips. This book also offers a wide range of advice from recipes to cleaning! It is also valuable for any adolescent moving away from home. We like it because of its advocacy for keeping connected.
# 05-011 ........ Price $12.00

Where Is Dad Now That I Need Him? # 05-012 - "Where Is Dad Now That I Need Him : Surviving Away from Home," by Kathryn J. Frandsen, Kent P. Fransden, Betty Rae Fransden - Another great book for young adults either going on to school or just getting started on their own. Dad's views are as important, yet different in many ways from moms.
# 05-012 ........ Price $12.00

Lifesigns # 05-013 - "Lifesigns," by Henry Nouwen - Intimacy, fecundity, and ecstasy are discussed by this giant of inspirational thought. These three elements offer the key to a life free from the domination of fear.
# 05-013 ........ Price $ 6.95

Changing Bodies, Changing Lives # 05-014 - "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives: A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships," by Ruth Bell - Detailed information about health and sexuality. The goal of this book is to help teens make healthy choices. Chapters include "Changing Bodies" and "Changing Sexuality" are extremely valuable aids.
# 05-014 ........ Price $18.40

The Healing Connection # 05-015 - "The Healing Connection," by Jean Baker Miller, M.D. and Irene Pierce Stiver, Ph.D. - A book that offers and new and refreshing look at how women form relationships that enhance growth. It is a cornerstone of the philosophy that has inspired and led Virginia Bresnahan Graves to develop DoubleSunrise.
# 05-015 ........ Price $14.00

The Moon Is Always Female # 05-016 - "The Moon Is Always Female," by Marge Piercy - This 133 page treasure of poetry has been described with adjectives ranging from classical to funny, amusingly elegiac to erotic. A collection that invokes both pride and celebration for women of all ages.
# 05-016 ........ Price $15.00

Phenomenal Women # 05-017 - "Phenomenal Women," by Maya Angelou - These four poems, in just 32 pages of treasure, celebrate women as only Maya Angelou can. The paintings of Paul Gauguin beautifully complement Angelou's words that remind women of the glory and tender mercies of their gender.
# 05-017 ........ Price $18.00

The Complete Collected Poems # 05-018 - "The Complete Collected Poems," by Maya Angelou - This collection of all Maya Angelou's poems including her inaugural "On the Pulse of Morning" is a must for anyone interested in the women's movement or the genius of poetry. A handsome 273 page hard cover edition.
# 15-018 ........ Price $19.50

Relaxation and Stress Reduction # 05-019 - "Relaxation and Stress Reduction," (an audio cassette) by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. - These relaxation meditations help us to concentrate on relaxing the common areas where we carry tension in our body. It is well suited for daily use. Joan Borysenko is a respected professional pioneer in mind/body medicine and women's health.
# 05-019 ........ Price $11.00

Your Present # 05-020 or # 05-021 - "Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace" by Susie Mantell - This warm narration carries listeners into soft relaxation.
# 05-020 (CD) ........ Price $14.95
# 05-021 (cassette) ........ Price $12.95

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Apparel and things will promote and support DoubleSunrise as we continue to bring you and many others a potential life-changing philosophy. We offer these attractive, high quality and useful items. You can help us spread the word and the theory that motivates us to provide "a safe place where a women can return to throughout her life, and from which we transforms, evolves and grows……"

DoubleSunrise Tee # 06-001 - DoubleSunrise tee shirt - 50/50 off white, pre-shrunk cotton, high quality-weight tees with our soothing and attractive DoubleSunrise logo. (S, M, L, XL)
# 06-001 ........ Price $ 8.00 ( $ 7.00 per dozen price)

Green DoubleSunrise Tee # 06-002 - DoubleSunrise tee shirt - (same as above) in forest green with DoubleSunrise logo.
# 06-002 ........ Price $10.00 ( $ 9.00 per dozen price)

DoubleSunrise Cap # 06-003 - DoubleSunrise cap - two color, low profile, of white and green cap (one size fits all) with DoubleSunrise logo.
# 06-003 ........ Price $12.00 ( $10.00 per dozen price)

# 06-004 - DoubleSunrise Nylon Pullover - forest green nylon, hooded, unlined pullover, folds into pouch, muff pocket, elastic sleeves and drawchord at waist with DoubleSunrise logo (washable, water repellent) (M, L, XL, XXL) # 06-004 ........ Price $19.00

#06-005 - DoubleSunrise Fleece Pullover Jacket - forest green, half zipper, elastic cuffs, front pockets with DoubleSunrise logo (M, L, XL, XXL)
# 06-005 ........ Price $17.50

# 06-006 - DoubleSunrise Kit Bag - an 8" X 8" canvas drawstring bag (see Keep Connected Kit) with DoubleSunrise logo.
# 06-006 ........ Price $ 4.50

# 06-007 - DoubleSunrise Tote Bag - a 15" X 16" 7 oz. cotton canvas bag with hand/shoulder straps and DoubleSunrise logo.
# 06-007 ........ Price $10.50

# 06-008 - DoubleSunrise Mouse Pad - a standard size mouse pad with DoubleSunrise logo to remind you to "Keep Connected" and a space to insert your favorite('s) photo.
# 06-008 ........ Price $ 9.50

# 06-009 - DoubleSunrise Combination Key chain Flashlight - convenient light at your finger tips when needed, with the DoubleSunrise logo that reminds you to "Keep Connected."
# 06-009 ........ Price $ 5.00

# 06-010 - DoubleSunrise Lip Balm Dispenser - so they'll always be there when you need to protect yourself and the DoubleSunrise logo to remind you to "Keep Connected."
# 06-010 ........ Price $ 3.00 ( $2.50 per dozen price)

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Virginia Bresnahan Graves, RNcMS The purpose of a workshop is to achieve our goal to enhance the health of adolescents and maintain connection with parents (or interested adults). Because the subject matter is so diverse and impossible to complete in the time allotted, effective methods to continue discussions beyond the workshop will be an important secondary goal.

# 07-001 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and Early Teens - Workshops are designed for approximately 12 -30 participants. Each participant receives a workbook and their choice of a "Keeping Connected Kit". Two 2 ˝ hour sessions (an evening or half-day will include lecture, exercises and discussions.
# 07-001 ........ Price $35.00 per family

# 07-002 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and High School Teens - same as above.
# 07-002 ........ Price $35.00 per family

# 07-003 - "Keeping Connected" Workshop for Parents and College Women - same as above.
# 07-003 ........ Price $35.00 per family

# 07-004 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for Early Teens - same as above, but with only one participant the cost is less.
# 07-004 ........ Price $25.00

# 07-005 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for High School Teens - same as above.
# 07-005 ........ Price $25.00

# 07-006 - Taking Care of Yourself Workshop for College Women - same as above.
# 07-006 ........ Price $25.00

# 07-007 - Parent Workshop - same as above except the price varies depending on number of parents attending.
# 07-007 ........ Price $25.00 or $35.00

# 07-008 - Stopping Smoking Workshop - This workshop gathers eight times and the unique theory around young women's reasons for smoking requires a stringent structure over that period. The workshops include lectures, discussions and exercises designed to help the participant through this arduous and difficult process. Discipline to work at home on the materials is required and will be supported by the facilitator.
# 07-008 ........ Price $125.00

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Virginia Bresnahan Graves, RNcMS Besides the workshops identified above, Ms. Graves uses past experience to make herself available as a lecturer, speaker, and facilitator or group leader in the following ways.

# 08-001 - Speaking Engagement / Lecture Format - This format usually involves 35 or more people as a guest speaker or at a conference. A question and answer period usually follows Ms.Graves' presentation. ( 30 minutes to 1 ˝ hour)
# 08-001 ........ Price to be negotiated

# 08-002 - Speaking Engagement / Seminar Format - Usually with groups of 12 -35 people with more interactive participation encouraged. This format includes a half hour presentation(s) and periods for discussion and questions/answers. (1 ˝ to 3 hours)
# 08-002 ........ Price to be negotiated

# 08-003 - Speaking Engagement / Discussion Group - The format used for these groups of up to 12 people encourage interaction in a "round table" type discussion. There is ample time for individual issues to be addressed in detail. (1 ˝ to 3 hours)
# 08-003 ........ Price to be negotiated

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Double Sunrise, Inc. will be very cautious and selective in associating with organizations and businesses. The safety of those who come to this web site, use our products, or take part in our programs is paramount. It is the very essence of our existence.

# 09-001 - Meeting or Convention Table - Double Sunrise is available to attend conferences, conventions and trade shows. Various school or college events may also be enhanced with a Double Sunrise presence.
# 09-001

# 09-002 - Corporate Consulting - Many companies that market to young women may want to take advantage of our particular expertise around the health implications of their products or services. There is a growing awareness that some corporations do not always treat health as a major issue. Ms. Graves is available to point out health issues related to certain products and then create an image of a firm concerned with young women's health.
# 09-002 ........ Price $150.00 / hour

# 09-003 - Corporate Sponsorship - Double Sunrise is open to alliances with companies that offer products to this age group. It will be essential that the company's awareness of health issues is compatible with our basic philosophy and positions.
# 09-003 ........ Price to be negotiated

# 09-004 - Linking - We are open to links with companies and organizations whose purposes and products are in accord with ours. With this in mind, contact us to discuss a link that is mutually beneficial.
# 09-004

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Keeping connected in order to grow

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