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Parenting early teens
Parenting early teens

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Parenting college age

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Parents today are worried about their daughters. And rightfully so. Girls are at high risk for health problems and the cultural pressures are very strong.

As a parent you are in the best position to positively impact your daughter's health, and many parents appreciate support around how to do this.
DoubleSunrise is committed to "partnering with parents" in preventing health issues that can interfere with her safe passage into adulthood. We offer information and tools that support parents to be primary source of health information for their daughters...

"Who, me?" many parents respond, "I don't know what to say and if I try she gives me a funny look." Yet, who can do it better? Physicians are limited on time in the office and school budgets/priorities are shifting rapidly with fewer health classes. The issues are serious, and we'll support parent-daughter ongoing discussions about issues that can affect her health. Combined with your love and values, no one can teach her better. (No one has more at stake...)

Links include:

  • Parenting girls, early teen
  • Parenting high school age
  • Parenting college women

    DoubleSunrise is a space where you will be supported, encouraged and empowered by learning what has helped many others parents to talk with thier daughters about issues that affect her health.

    Wonder as a parent what to say about health issues? Read read how professionals speak to young women in articles here in GeneralHealth Info about issues as:

  • How to deal with high school relationships
  • What does it mean to take care of yourself?
  • What actually is a healthy relationships?
  • Keeping connected in order to grow

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