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New questions emerge for parents of young women of high school age. Sometimes as parents you may feel stunned to see your daughter look and speak like an adult at one minute and yet the next minute her behavior changes and you get flashbacks to her as a toddler.

This period of adolescence is also a time of rapid physical growth and therefore there is a need for awareness of her physical health, nutrition and safety. If health is defined as absence of disease, then adolescents fare quite well. However, if the definition expands to include a sense of well being physically, emotionally and spiritually, then the unmet needs of youth women today and the health problems that result are quite alarming.

An important point to remember is that unlike health problems of other age groups, those of high school women are primarily preventable. DoubleSunrise sees our mission to offer services as information, programs and products to help prevent health problems. We see partnering with parents as one of the most important parts of this goal.

Parents are in the best position to help their daughters prevent health problems. "But she doesn't listen to me anymore," many parents say to me. Research and my clinical practice demonstrate repeatedly that young women are listening to their parents. They may not always show it but they listen to what you say. Even more important to know is that they watch what you do.

At Double Sunrise you will know that you are not alone as you progress through these years. We will offer you tools that will help you to talk to your daughter more confidently about issues that could affect her health. Communicated with your values and love, the information takes on valuable meaning. Articles as "Communicating with Your Daughter" and "Limits with Love" are articles written with the high school parent in mind. We have "Keeping Connected Kits" and "Keeping Connected Workbooks" too. They include "Tips for Parents" and tips for your daughter and cover important areas as safety, healthy stress reducers and establishing healthy habits that will prepare her for the future, especially when she's away from home.

"Keep Connected" and check in often as we add new reliable information that is pertinent to your important role in your daughter's life...

Keeping connected in order to grow

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