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It seems that one of the early tasks of adolescence is to "check out what's been told to me inside the house…outside the house." A wise parent of an early teenage girl nudges their daughter to a variety of places that say what the parents want their daughter to hear.

DoubleSunrise is one of those places that you can feel comfortable encouraging your daughters to go. Here we support and encourage healthy decisions to help ensure safe passage of young women into adulthood. "Keeping Connected (in Order to Grow)" is a basic concept toward meeting this goal, and we will share with you various ideas that have helped many other parents in our clinical practice during this time.

Most parents want to talk to their daughters about issues that affect their health, but don't feel confident in doing so. Yet, parents are the best source of information to prevent health problems of this vulnerable age group. Adding your values and love to health information is the best way for her to be empowered against the alarming statistics of health problems of adolescent women.

DoubleSunrise offers parents health information, programs and products so you can be more confident in discussing important health issues with your daughter. We have "Keep Connected Kits and Workbooks" that incorporate current research regarding the unique health needs of young women with tips and guides so parents can confidently discuss health information with their daughters.

Workbooks and Kits are designed to help you discuss menstruation, for example, and offer exercises to promote problems solving skills as you both answer questions like, "What if my period starts…while I'm at a swim meet." Girls still see their mothers as the primary person to give them help with their questions about menstruation, and our Menstruation Kit is designed to support you in the process.

Another area of importance is to discuss with your daughter is "Shaving; Important Information". Our "Keeping Connected: Shaving Kit" outlines for parents the vital points (like why she should never share her razor with anyone else) of this health discussion, and includes a tip card you can give her along with a starter kit with healthy products.

We encourage you to bookmark and add this site to your list of favorites, so you can be empowered to be the best that you can be - with your daughter!

Note: If your daughter is under 13 years of age, she must have a parental consent to communicate to us or participate in GirlsTalk.
Click here for a Parental Consent Form.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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