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As parents, we often plan and prepare financially for our daughters to go to college for many years. Yet, as we walk away from the dormitory door, we often realize that we're less prepared for her and our reactions than we ever thought.

Will she be all right?
Did I teach her everything she needs to know to be safe?
Will she know when to go to the doctors?
Does she know how to plan healthy meals?

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There's good reason why parents are concerned. Statistics on health problems of college women are alarming. And until recently, there was little known about the needs of young women during these years.

What does the current research on college women show?
Current research at the Wellesley Center as well as other educational institutions show that even with college age women, parents are still the most important factor to promote healthy and safe passage for young women into adulthood. Here are some tips for parents that come out of this research:

  • Keep Connected
    Kaplan and Klein (Wellesley Center) state in their paper Women's Self Development in Late Adolescence: "For healthy development of college-age women, a basic sense of connection with one's parents remains the core out of which positive relational self-esteem emerges."

  • Teach your Daughter about College Health Risks
    Parents continue to be in the best position to teach health habits that can have a significant impact on prevention of health problems. While living in a dorm, there is important health information that she should know. We have tools to help parents obtain the knowledge so they can share with their daughters important information as, "Why you never share your razor in the dorm". We have a "Keeping Connected Safety Kit" with parent and daughter "Campus Safety Tips" as well as safety devices she can carry while walking on campus. Also, at times, parents feel helpless when she's "stressed out." Dealing with stress in safe and healthy ways is the focus of our "Relaxation Kit", which is desig ned for parents to share (and learn) with her.

Stay connected to DoubleSunrise for support and ideas on supporting her health during this exciting transition in your family's life.

At DoubleSunrise we are committed to applying current theories on young women's development toward supporting families during the college experience. "Keeping Connected (so they can grow)" continues to be the thread of supporting young women and their families toward a safe and healthy passage at this time.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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