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Give Us Your Opinion:

"Give Us Your Opinion" is here so you can share experiences regarding a specific situation. We will post as many answers as we can in "Read What Other Girls Say". This is to help other girls your age. Only your comments will be posted, not your name.

Important Note: If you are in crisis or have a medical problem, please do not post a message here. For immediate help call 911, the operator or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Call your health care provider, a health clinic or an emergency room for medical problems.

Has this happened to you?
A girl you never took much notice of becomes one of the best friends you've had. It can be such pleasant surprise to discover a new relationship, especially one you almost overlooked. Has this happened to you? If so, tell us about your experience. It could help others.

Read What Other High School Girls Say:
More high school young women answered our surveys than any other group! Here's what you said:
When overwhelmed or stresses... Most high schoolers expressed their feelings after going off by themselves. 25% talked about it. We wonder if this means that young women are developing resources within themselves to take care of themselves...or is it just difficult to reach out at a time like this?
When upset... Those who answered the survey feel more comfortable sharing feelings with a parent about a touching movie than about a bad day they are having. Who can you talk to when you're having a bad day? About mom and dad... Most high schoolers jump at the chance to go to the mall when your mother invites you, and will lend your dad N'SYNC's latest CD if he shows interest.

Take Our Survey: (This survey was developed with you in mind by Erin VanDeBogert)

1. Do you feel that you can be yourself around your friends?

Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't
No, I feel very self-conscious
I can be myself with my best friend, but not in the group of friends

2. Do your parents talk to you about drinking and drugs?

Yes, and often
They talked to me once
No, never.
They tried, but I cut them off.

3. Do you ever feel like talking to a counselor? :

Yes, but I'm afraid kids at school would find out.
I'm thinking that's just for those who have a big problem
No, I can talk to my friends about anything
No, I can talk to my parents about anything
Yes, and I do
Yes, and I just may do that soon

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