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"Signals" by Shel Silverstein
When the light is green you go!
When the light is red you stop!
But what do you do
when the light is blue
with orange and lavender spots?

When you are a young woman in high school, you begin to make more and more independent decisions that impact your health.

Empowering yourself with reliable health information and keeping connected with others who have your best interest in mind, will help you make choices that are healthy for you.

High school is an exciting, yet sometimes confusing time. Now that you are older, you see that answers aren't always just a choice between A or B, but that you can also consider J, Z or L. As you mature, you see that there various options of how to respond to a problem. You'll discover that talking with others, and taking your time when possible, helps you see them.

Although you'll be faced with more decisions, remember that you don't have to make them alone. Research demonstrates that "keeping connected" is what enhances women's health and makes transitions (and the decisions that accompany them) easier. Sometimes a friend can help, and sometimes you need an adult to talk to.

HighSchoolHealth at DoubleSunrise is a safe space where you will be supported, encouraged and empowered by learning what has helped many others your age to deal with issues that affect your health.

High school women value close friendships and high school relationships. You begin to balance taking care of yourself physically with activities and responsibilities. Seeing who you are expands from looking in the mirror, to also looking inside yourself. This process is valuable. You will learn what you need to be healthy not only from reliable sources as your health practitioner and this site, but from a most reliable resource you have…from within. "Keeping Connected" in healthy relationships will help guide your passage toward the adult life that you deserve, the life that is part of your dreams.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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