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# 01-002 - Shaving Kit - Perhaps shaving seems like a very basic and simple task for girls. However there are some serious health consequences that many girls and adults may not be aware of that we address with this kit. Products included are a razor, blades, shaving cream, and an after shave lotion. "Tip Card(s)" are included for instruction and guidance for both the adolescent and her parent(s). These materials are packaged in a canvas drawstring DoubleSunrise bag.
Qty: #01-002- Price $22.50
# 01-003 - Menstruation Kit - Multiple studies show that private access to menstrual products is an issue that girls repeatedly identify. Our kit bag provides this security and accommodates girls when they are away from home. Products included are a variety of pads, disposable underpants, and wet wipes. "Tip Card(s)" are included for instruction and guidance for both the girl and parent. (Girls consider Mom as the most important source of information about menstruation.) The articles are packaged in a canvas drawstring DoubleSunrise bag with a secure clasp.
Qty: #01-003- Price $22.50
# 01-004 - Skin Care Kit - The skin is our body's first line of defense. Learning basic skin care is a skill that every girl will benefit from as they deal with the issues of acne, blemishes, and the need for protection. Products include a skin toner, skin cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm. "Tip Card(s)" providing guidance and instruction for both the adolescent and parent(s) are included. These products are packaged in a canvas drawstring DoubleSunrise bag.
Qty: #01-004- Price $22.50
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