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Safety Tips while on the Net

Here are some safety guidelines for you while you are on the Internet.
These include:

  • Keep your passwords private.
    Even friends should keep their own passwords to themselves. Store your passwords in a place where no one will have access to them.
  • Keep personal information to yourself.
    This includes information about you, your family or your friends. Always keep private your name, address, phone number, age, gender, race, school, and places that you hang out.
  • Keep "online meetings" online.
    Face to face meeting with someone you've met online can be dangerous.
  • Carefully choose who you respond to.
    If a subject or message makes you uncomfortable, respect your feeling, and ignore and "block" the communication.
  • Talk with your parents
    Tell your parents or a trustworthy adult immediately if an interaction makes you feel afraid, uncomfortable, or in anyway threatened.
  • Get credit card permission
    Before using credit cards online, make sure you have your parents' permission regarding the purchasing item(s) and the site that you are buying it from.

  • Communicate respectfully
    Respectful communication is important online as well as in your day to day interactions. Bad language and mean messgaes sent online are wrong.
  • Be aware that online information is not private and that people online are not always who they say they are. The Internet can be a wonderful way to connect with respectful people, but it can also be unsafe. By following safety guidelines, you can enjoy your time.

    Written 3/12/01

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