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What is Protective and Empowering for Young Women's Health?

What are health messages that are "communicated in a manner that is protective and empowering for young women"? The answer on first glance seems simple... health information that enhances self-esteem and self image...that brings young women as well as society in general to a higher level of health and wellness. But like any important topic, asking what defines "protective and empowering" brings up more questions. Challenging questions as...

What is a healthy young woman? A girl who:

  • Acts "normal" during menstruation?
  • Stays physically active during menstruation? (What if she feels like being by herself and reading a book instead?)
  • Says that she doesn't worry about her weight, but likes who she is?

What makes young women have dis-ease? And what restores and heals young women?

Do girls feel better about themselves when they learn "how to look good"?

Is sex the same for girls as boys?

Is sex important to girls like the media and ticket sales to Hollywood movies imply?

Where did our ideas of what is "sexy" come from?

Is sexuality different than sensuality?

What is sensuality anyway?

How do we protect girls in today's world?

It is easy to feel perplexed about what young women need, want and dream of in today's society. But there are guides on how to intervene to enhance their health in a highly sensitive and respectful manner that empowers young women and their families. Clues can be found through historical study of the health of young women of other times and cultures, as well as in current research with young women today.

Historically, groups of women who listen to their bodies and are in touch with following their hearts' desires are healthier than women who don't. "Barging ahead... anyway" to the expectations of today's culture's norms often conflicts with women's health.

Current research gives us clues regarding what young women want and need to be healthy. One pertinent finding is how researchers find that what girls say and what they think is sometimes very different. For example, researchers have found that although girls say that they "don't worry about being fat", and that they are "physically active, and worry free even while menstruating", that what they write or report anonymously is often very, very different.

There is a lot of discussion on the effects of trying to be "Super Woman", so it's no surprise that perhaps girls may be trying to be "Super Girl" as well.

"Keep Connected" to DoubleSunrise as we continue to explore and share ideas on what girls really do want and need, as well as what is protective and empowering for young women's health in today's world.

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