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College: She's Fine, I'm Struggling

Many parents find the adjustment to their daughter going to college to be the hardest job they've faced as a parent. Here's some tips:

  • "Keep Connected" to your daughter with a balance that feels good to you and that she responds in a positive way.
  • Let yourself grieve. It is a loss and hiding that won't help. You can "get through this by yourself", but why not go through it more easily by talking with a counselor, minister, priest or rabbi.
  • Talk to other parents who are or have experienced this change. Ask them what helped them through the transition.
  • Get a journal for yourself and write two advantages to having more time. If you can only think of one, that's still okay.
  • Have faith, the truth is that millions of parents have felt just like you. They found that, with time, having their daughter off to school wasn't bad. They learned to love it.
Keeping connected in order to grow

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