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Just what is menstruation, and what if it comes when I don't expect it?

Menstruation, or a girl's "period" is when the wonderfully soft and vascular cushion that builds up in a girl's uterus ("What is Menstruation?") each month lets go. This cushion builds up each month, in preparation for pregnancy when a baby needs a safe and comfortable place to grow. But, as you can imagine, most months of a woman's life, that cushion is not needed (when she's not pregnant) so at the end of the cycle ("What is Menstruation?") the soft and vascular cushion "lets go".

Menstruation flows for several days. It then stops for about a month, when it will begin to flow for several days again. During the first year that a girl menstruates, it is somewhat a "practice year" when she may not yet have her period in a regular pattern. If you have questions about menstruation, or your pattern, ask your nurse practitioner or doctor. You can also talk to an adult that you feel comfortable with, for other ideas of who to ask. For more information you can read "What is Menstruation?"

What if my period comes suddenly when I don't expect it? This is a common concern of girls your age. The most common answer is to go to the school nurse or secretary if you're at school at the time. What is most helpful is to find an adult that you can talk to about what situations you fear the most and various "exit strategies" or options that you can use for each. Most women remember how it feels to be your age and remember those same questions and fears. Most often a girl feels relieved and better after talking to a trusted adult about such issues. Lastly, we have a Menstruation Kit that you can keep handy for those unexpected times available in Programs and Products.

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