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Listening to Your Body Cues

Historically groups of women who listen to their bodies and respond to what they need in this way, are healthier.

What does this mean? This means slowing down enough to listen and recognize cues from your body regarding what you need. A good example is being aware of feeling tired, and responding to that by taking a nap or deciding to lay low that evening.

This also means identifying what you need when you get cues. This is not always easy. We have different needs at different times. Sometimes we need to be active or with people, and sometimes we need to be quiet or with one close friend.

Also remember that we all need unplanned down-time. It's okay not to go out socially at night with your friends if you feel like staying in for a movie or reading a good book. Hanging out by yourself (developing a relationship with yourself) with a cup of herbal tea and your favorite music once in a while is also necessary to be healthy.

Listening to your body will enhance your health. Following your body cues generally leads to a healthier you.

A good exercise: Ask yourself…What do I need right now?

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