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Limits with Love

"Middle school girls themselves widely endorse 'love and limits' as the best child-rearing approach for raising daughters who will grow up to like themselves" concludes a current research project done by Erkut, Marx, Fields and Sing Raising Confident and Competent Girls, 1998. Girls in this study advise parents to:

  • Give her freedom, but not too much
  • Trust her to go out, but adhere to the curfew
  • Watch her closely. but not all the time

Tips for Limits With Love:
Monitoring your daughter in a consistent manner will provide a safe environment for her to experience adolescence. This includes:

  • Receiving a description of where she's going, what she'll be doing, as well as who she'll be with.
  • Negotiating what she'll do, and what she won't do.
  • Holding her to all agreements.
  • Networking with other parents of her friends, and conferring with them regarding the girls' plans on a regular basis.

If there is any break in agreement, carry through natural (appropriate to the situation) consequences, and let her have another chance in the near future.

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