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GeneralHealth holds multiple articles for you. They are divided into sections to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for:

General Health
Acne...What it is and what it isn't
If You Think You're Too Big
Concerned About a Friend ?
Developing a Relationship with Yourself
Eating Healthy
Eating Diary
Finding an Adult to Talk To
Food Groups
Goal Setting
Healthy Decisions
What is a Healthy Relationship?
Types of Journaling
Important Information About Shaving
Your Skin: First Line of Defense
Listening to Your Body Cues
Relaxation and Breathing Exercises
Natural Sleep Remedies
Safety on the Internet
Sleep: Tips for a Good Night
Taking Care of Yourself

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Girls Health
Am I Normal?
Reproductive Changes in Boys
When You Feel Alone
Girls' (and boys') Bodies
Most Girls Have Questions
Reproduction Changes in Girls
What is Menstruation (also called a "Period")?
Just what is menstruation, and what if it comes when I don't expect it?
Relationships: Friends and Family

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High School Health
My Body / My Health
In a "Mood"?
High School Relationships

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Young Womens Health
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Pap Smear: What is it?
What is a Pelvic Exam?
What is Sensuality?
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Breast exams

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College Health
College Body and Health
College Relationships - Staying Connected while at College
Dorm Life: Must Knows
Tips to Help When You're Feeling Homesick
Transitions between College and Home
Campus Safety Tips

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Parent Health
A Commitment
Discussing Menstruation
Internet Safety for Parents: Tips Every Parent Should Know
Fathers, Brothers and Menstruation
Limits with Love
Organizations that Best Support Young Women's Health
Shaving? Important information that Every Parent Needs to Know
"Super Girl"
What is Protective and Empowering for Young Women's Health?
College: She's Fine, I'm Struggling
She's Struggling at College: What Do I Do?
Communication with Your Daughter
Notice to Parents
Parental Consent Form
Parenting College Women
Parenting Early Teen Girls
Parenting High School Age

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