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Herpes is another sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is seen clinically with young women who are sexually active. Genital herpes is caused by HSV type 2, which is similar to the virus that causes cold sores (HSV1). Genital herpes can be very painful and can give flu like symptoms as well. Herpes may never recur again, but often there may be repeated flare ups for the rest of your life.

One difficult issue is that a person can be contagious a day or two before any symptom shows. This means that a partner can be contagious with herpes and not feel it or show it. It also means that if you have herpes, it not always so easy to know when you are contagious and when you are not.

The consequences can be life long as a woman with herpes has an increased risk of cervical cancer. Also, it is very dangerous if a baby catches the virus from their mothers during childbirth, so many women with herpes choose a cesarean birth for all their deliveries as to not put their baby at risk.

When you have a sexually transmitted disease like herpes, there is alot of help available to help you live a quality life. It may feel pretty bad to find out that you have an STD but there are great resourses to support you as well as help you live a normal and happy life. Resources include your doctor or nurse practitioner, health clinic or school clinic. Planned Parenthood can tell you where there is a clinic near you.

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