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Finding an Adult to Talk To

Often young women will talk to friends about important issues, but there are times when you need an adult to talk to. Perhaps you have questions that you would like to ask. Also, there are concerns that young women may have from time to time that need to be shared with an adult.

A young women may wonder:
"How do I find an adult to talk to?"

Here are some helpful hints: If the issue is not urgent, first find some quiet time. It may help to use a journal or pad of paper to jot down your ideas.

Think of an adult that you feel comfortable and safe with. Usually this is someone who is non-judgmental and trustworthy. It could be:

  • Your parents
  • Relative
  • Neighbor
  • Friend's parent
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Coach
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Minister, priest or rabbi
  • Sister or brother
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Someone at church

When you approach the adult, remember that you can take this step by step. If at any point it does not feel right, you can slow down. You can even decide to change gears and look for another adult. The important point to remember is that there are trustworthy adults that you can talk to and feel comfortable with.

Always continue to try another adult until you find one who listens and helps you in a respectful and sensitive way. Keep trying...

More ideas on how to approach an adult can be found in Most Girls Have Questions.

Revised 3/11/02

If you need immediate help, you can:
Dial 911 or the operator, go to the Emergency Room, or notify your doctor or health care provider

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