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Eating Healthy

Eating a well-balanced diet consists of eating a variety of healthy foods through the day. Choosing foods from each food group along with ample fluids will give your body the nutrients that you need and help you feel at your optimum as well.

Eating three meals a day and snacks for a healthy boost is a key point to eating healthy. Skipping meals especially to "watch my weight" can really back fire on you, throwing your balance and hunger off track.

A goal would be to have at least one item from each of the food groups at each sitting. An eating diary is a helpful guide to fill out. A good exercise is to think about choosing an afternoon snack that has one item from each food group. This along with choosing a variety throughout the day will allow the nutrients to absorb in the most nutritious way.

It is important to remember that eating healthy is a process…it doesn't usually happen over night. A good way to change toward a healthy diet is to first list in your journal what of the food groups you choose daily with ease. Then, of the food groups that you don't eat as easily, list which foods you like the best in those groups and when through the day you could include them. Life-long changes are often most successful if done step-by-step. Change can be a steady process over time. Just check in from time to time with yourself to remind yourself to keep moving toward healthy choices.

Why eat healthy? Here are some reasons why - the milk group contains foods high in calcium, which is needed for bone and tooth growth. Nonfat milk contains as much calcium as whole milk. Protein is needed for tissue healing. Chicken and fish contain as much protein as red meat. Legumes are a rich source of protein with all the essentials amino acids, which are the building blocks for cells.

Combination foods such as pizza can be very nutritious while providing servings from several food groups. The crust contains grains, which are high in fiber. Fiber is important and helps good digestion. The tomato sauce is a vegetable, which contain vitamins.

Remember to drink lots of water and healthy fluids during the day. Soda intake is not always healthy as it provides unneccessary calories and decreases bone mass, where dairy products increase bone mass. Water contains trace amounts of minerals such as zinc, which is important for your immune system.

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