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Concerned About a Friend ?

Sometimes when a friend is in trouble, the first person to know it is you. Friends can be the biggest help to each other. But there are times when the thing to do…is to get your friend some help.

There are some problems that are too large for a friend. It is important to know that some problems need to be handed to an adult or a professional. A good rule of thumb is….when in doubt, hand it over.

If you have a friend who talks about hurting themselves or others, there are many adults in a position to help. Adults that you could alert are parents, teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, doctors, and therapists You could also call a hotline for help.

What if the adult I tell doesn't seem to take me seriously? Sometimes an adult doesn't "hear" when we say something important. Sometimes we have to speak "louder", and sometimes we have to go immediately to someone else.

What if I'm not sure my friend is in trouble? Chances are that your instincts are right. You can sense a troublesome change in a friend. You can review the list, "Warning Signs", but in general…if in doubt…hand it over, because your gut "knows".

What if my friend was in trouble, and I didn't speak up? When something bad happens, it is important to remember that there are many people around one person, and that you are a friend, not a parent, not a teacher, not a doctor. Besides that, we can't control someone else, we can only control how we respond. Now, it is important that you respond by talking about this to a trusted adult, and getting support around being gentle with yourself, and putting it in the correct perspective. You could also view the hotline to speak to someone about your situation.

As difficult as it sometimes is, speak up and reach out.

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