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A Commitment

Double Sunrise is committed to being "for young women" and presenting content in a respectful and empowering manner. We are committed to presenting all information in a way that is in the "best interest of young women".

This commitment is not an easy task. We are surrounded by a system and a culture that sends harmful messages regarding young women. It is encouraging to know that there are organizations and companies that want to present information that empowers young women. Unfortunately, there are still companies today that feed off young women's fears and actually attempt to increase insecurities of adolescents to sell products and to increase their profit.

As a nurse practitioner, I was taught to critically analyze how companies present information. The work of Jean Kilbourne has heightened my awareness of it's importance for the health of young women. (Her book, "Deadly Persuasion" is a "must read" for every concerned parent.)

At DoubleSunrise, we identify Internet sites and organizations that seem to share the Mission of DoubleSunrise to present information that is "communicated in a manner that is protective and empowering for young women". I am encouraged when I find organizations that best support young women's health. Unfortunately, I also find sites and advertisements that on the surface look to be helpful to girls and their parents, but as I read on I find content that is not in the their best interest. One can imagine the negative consequences when companies encourage girls to buy products to be "odorless, smaller, sanitarily clean, looking 'right', looking 'normal' and ultimately happy and loved by all".

It is encouraging to find increasing numbers of individuals, groups and companies who are committed to learning the subtle messages that interfere with the health of young women, and want to reverse that trend. It is a life long learning process and those who share this goal will benefit by supporting each other.

DoubleSunrise desires partnership with those who share this commitment of presenting all information in a way that is in the "best interest of young women". We request feedback on how we are doing in this area in regard to the content in DoubleSunrise. Constructive criticism regarding where we need to improve, and more importantly feedback in the form of support regarding the areas where we are doing well in meeting this goal is appreciated.

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