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Give Us Your Opinion:
"Give Us Your Opinion" is here so you can share experiences regarding a specific situation. We will post only your comments, not your name, to help others your age.
The Situation:
Finding good friends at college
can be difficult especially when you are at a new school. Share with others how you found a friend in a way that pleasantly surprised you. Your story may help others who are still looking.

Read What Other College Women Say
College women who answered our survey have mixed emotions about the college experience. Some are excited, and others are quite unsure. Most women rate developing new friends and relationships as the most important first step at college. Difficuties include time management, sleeping, feeling homesick and room mate problems. Support comes from parents, best friends, old friends and advisors.

Take Our College Survey:

Do you like college or high school better?
High School
Like them the same
Not sure

Which best describes how you feel about being in college?
Like I don't fit here.
Very unsure

Which example best describes how your family supports you?
My family is a great support to me
I don't talk to them everyday, but I know that they are there for me.
Sometimes it seems they're there for me, sometimes they're just not.
I have very mixed feelings about my family at this time in my life.

Which choice best describes your biggest challenge at school?
Time management
Establishing new relationships

Mark as many of the following that you have experienced difficulty with since beginning school.
Trouble sleeping
Room mate problems
Eating/ finding foods I like
Time management
Finding good friends
Self care, for example lack of chance to exercise

How comfortable are you with the friendships you are establishing?
Many of my friends from home are here

Who has supported you the most the last few months? Check off three:

Your sister(s) and/or brother(s)
Other relative(s)
Friends from home
Friends I've met here
My best friend
Residence life coordinator
Faculty member
Group I've joined
School health center

Keeping connected in order to grow

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