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One of the challenges of living away at school is learning to take care of yourself amid the various demands of college life. This is a time of special concern for young women's health for many reasons.

As women, we rely on healthy connections (relationships) to grow from. Being geographically separated from friends and family is difficult, especially during your first year at a school when new relationships haven't yet developed. A young woman may find herself wondering, "How am I going to meet good friends?" This, along with academic pressures and the somewhat competitive nature of the college environment, can leave young women feeling alone at times.

Health habits while living on campus are especially important, and you want to remember them when:

  • Your roommate asks to borrow your razor. (There's some important info that you need to know.)
  • Feeling totally stressed out? Heard it would help to pound a pillow? Read this first.
  • You go to leave the library and it's dark. You get a queasy feeling in your stomach - fear. But you don't want to show it. Within a minute, your stomach feels better. What should you do?

Staying connected and including time for self-care in your busy day, are as important as good grades for you to reach your future goals.

DoubleSunrise provides ideas of how to stay healthy during college years. Browse the site, and then bookmark DoubleSunrise under your "Favorites". Frequently there will be new information posted regarding common health issues that young women at college face. Included will be sharing of what helped many other college women who have faced similar problems to yours.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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