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Sondra Riley, RN. was the first addition to our team. She combined extraordinary strengths in business with her nursing education to be a tremendous asset to our company. Soni has a unique grasp of working with DoubleSunrise combining a sense of business, spirituality and the health concerns we address. Her perspective as a young adult and mother has been crucial to our thinking as she worked hand in hand with us to develop this company.

Janet Pelligrino, RNcMS, Clinical Editor, has been a Nurse Practitioner providing health care to adolescents and adults since 1988. She is a clinical instructor of senior year nursing students in a hospital setting and also a health business owner of Body Smart, helping people to lose weight and gain overall health and prevention of disease.

Kelsey Bresnahan is our artist who sketches, photographs and visually plans much of the tone of this work. Kelsey also designs our incrediably warm-toned and lovely conference displays.

Leora Ann Aldrich, RN. received her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA. Leora was a L.P.N for seven years before becoming a Registered Nurse after receiving her Associates in Nursing at Golden West College in Huntington Beach California. She has helped successfully a Promotion Coordinator and organized events and workshops for DoubleSunrise. Leora and her husband, Josh, are also the parents of a young daughter and son.

DoubleSunrise also has an interested group who volunteer in the form of a team to support the ongoing message of hope for girls and their families that underlies DoubleSunrise. This team includes, Sarah and John Mairo of NJ, Curtis and Susan Vouwie, Joel and Maureen Whitman, Maureen Rogers, and Arthur Gould. Besides being committed to DoubleSunrise as a vital tool toward enhancing health the of young women and their families in America today, this exciting group come from professional fields of publishing, marketing, law, education, business, computer and non-profit organizational ties...and all are parents with one aunt, concerned about girls today.

Written 9/00. Revised 5/14/05

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