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The NPACE 2001 Boston Primary Care Conference

Leora Aldrich, RN & Virginia Graves, RNcMS
Leora Aldrich, RN & Virginia Graves, RNcMS
at the NPACE 2000 Conference

Virginia presented at NPACE 2001 Boston Primary Care Conference, speaking on:
"Enhancing the Health of College Age Women".

Feedback from participants was very positive:
"What you said about connection made such a difference to me... not only as a nurse practitioner, but as a mother."

"The exercise 'What is a Strong Woman?' was very the view of myself as a well as a person."

I really valued your ideas of groups for young women, and appreciated your ideas on reimbursment so I can share this intervention with the doctors in my office."

An over view includes:
The statistics of young women's health problems are staggering, and unlike other groups, most are preventable. Traditionaly, there have not been clear guidelines on management of these complex problems. Contemporary research, as by Jean Baker Miller at the Stone Center at Wellesley, gives some clues. Her work demonstrates repeatedly, that what enhances health for girls is "connection". Because of this, there are creative interventions that nurse practitioners and other professionals can offer to enhance the health of young women today. We have knowledge base, skills and concern that can make a real difference in their lives and level of wellness.

Handbooks that were well received included:

  • Nurse Practitioner Guide:
    Unique Health Needs of Young Women
  • "Keeping Connected": for early teens and adults
  • Taking Care of Yourself at College

    DoubleSunrise is a resource for you and those you work with:

  • Applies contemporary research to young women's health.
  • Offers safe and reliable health information for young women and their parents.
  • We can send you:

  • FREE Bookmarks for your patients.
  • FREE small display boards for your office or waiting room.
  • FREE brochures for young women and parents of girls.
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  • View Facilitator Kits with step-by-step guides for nurses to run groups as:

  • Mother/Daughter Workshops
  • "Stopping Smoking (is different) for Young Women"
  • Taking Care of Yourself Groups

    Virginia Graves, RNcMS Speaking Engagements
    "The Unique Health Needs of Young Women":

  • Nursing Spectrum's Career Expo 3/01
  • Taughton High School Health Fair 4/01
  • Partners in Perinatal Care 5/01
  • Gloucester High School Students 9/01
  • NPACE 11/01
  • Mother/Daughter Health Workshop:
    Gloucester YMCA 1/02
  • York College: Women's History Month Event 3/02
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    Revised 1/3/02

    Keeping connected in order to grow

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