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A Tribute to Ann Morrow Lindbergh

DoubleSunrise- a seashell, Sunrise Telli. L1758, Tellina Radiata.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Gift from the Sea likens the DoubleSunrise seashell to a place where a woman can return to throughout her life, and from which she transforms, evolves and grows. Like this shell, DoubleSunrise will provide a space to empower and support the health of young women of different ages and their families. Built on current research as well as today's adolescent issues and concerns, information is presented in a reliable, safe and respectful manner.

Gift from the Sea has become more of a tradition than just a book for me. I find this is true of many other women I have talked with about it. It has certainly become a cornerstone of Double Sunrise Inc. Looking back, I think this book helped me first see the value of quiet resting in myself, and I have consistently and gently shared it's importance with those I love as well as my patients.

The image of this shell on the beach that lay on our home page and literature, has become even more meaningful as I have developed this business. It is a wonderful complement to what young women and their parents need when facing the crucial teenage and college years.

Double Sunrise is one of the shells that Lindbergh uses to highlight a chapter of her book. Lindbergh describes the shell as: "... translucent white, except for three rosey rays that fan out. …… delicate and fragile, but it survives the breakers on the beach." She likens the Double Sunrise shell to a space where one can be "simple, and self-enclosed...leading to a natural transformation, evolution and growth."

She goes on that, "a woman must at times, go back to this little room, and refind this double sunrise episode….. from which, again she will eventually feel refreshed, and leave….. we repeat the cycle... and in the process...grow.". Ms. Lindbergh speaks of a safe place for a woman to return to from time to time, be quiet, reflect, and gain strength to go back out into the world.

Having been blessed by living next to a beach and listening to the ebb and flow of waves from my windows each day, I am moved by the pause that occurs between when a wave extends to its fullest on the beach and retreats to flow back into the ocean. I find a special feeling in that pause, in the life of a particular wave, I am reminded of a need, to know that quiet, safe time to pause, to reflect and gain strength. I try to make this web site a similar place for you. I hope our image of the double sunrise shell and the wave's pause on the beach will remind you of the importance of finding that time and space for you.

The themes that we will continue to emphasize are connection and safety. "Keeping Connected…in order to grow" is our motto. We invite and encourage you (young women, parents and friends) to visit our web site often. We will be updating material and adding articles weekly. We pledge to continually present information that enhances the health of adolescent women.

If you have read Gift from the Sea, we would like to hear what it has meant to you, and welcome your feedback.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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