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Advisory Board

Jean Baker Miller, M.D.
At Wellesley College, Jean is the Director of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute which is dedicated to "the theory that people develop in and through connections to others". Worldwide, professionals are applying the Relational/Cultural Model of development to their work. We, at DoubleSunrise hold in high esteem the important contributions that Jean Baker Miller has made towards the greater health and well-being of people today.
She is also a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University Medical School.

Faye Zucker, Editor
Faye is a well known editor in the field of adolescent health. During her career, Faye has developed expertise in the areas of psychology, medicine and education. We at DoubleSunrise appreciate Faye's support and belief in the mission statement of DoubleSunrise, " raise the standard of health of young women today".

Samuel Migdole
ED.D.ABPH Clinical Editor, uses his skills as a Psychologist and Educator to advise us on the mental health aspects of our materials. Dr. Migdole has been associated with many schools, hospitals and mental health institutions in the Greater Boston area. His undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral work was completed at Boston University from 1959 to 1967. In 1967 he founded North Shore Counseling Center in Beverly, MA, an outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic. He brings to our efforts a list of achievements, positions held, published articles, and organization memberships too numerous to mention, but extremely germane to our effort.

Keeping connected in order to grow

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