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Many social messages tell adults-who-care to "stay back on the side-lines, give teens space, and let the peer educators talk to the kids...because they can do it better." But, at DoubleSunrise we explain how studies show that "Keeping-Connected" with our daughters, nieces and grandaughters is how we can best help them grow in a healthy and safe way into adulthood.

For example, an important question to discus is, "What are the early signs that a person is disrespectful (possibly unsafe)?" Learn answers to such valuable questions and share them with a girl you care about. It can make all the difference!

We make it easy and fun for adults to talk to teen girls about health issues, with our free web site articles as well as the "Keeping Connected" Series.
For parents, aunts, grandmothers, and grandfathers (and professionals) too!


Makes talking about these important issues easy and fun!

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    DoubleSunrise is a reliable and safe internet site where you will receive health information pertinent to the unique needs of young women today. The site is built on a knowledge base of current women's health, nursing, and medical research, as well as today's adolescent issues and concerns.

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